E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a direct electronic mail that contains the commercial messages and which are sent to a group of people who use e-mail. This usually involves the use of email to send ads that sell products and services and is intended to build trust and loyalty of current or future clients, or to develop brand awareness, through the so-called newsletter.

Newsletter is a web application that allows you to send large amounts of e-mail messages to those who have signed up to this application via your e-mail address. Database of newsletter contains all the email addresses of registered users.

  The advantages of using e-mail marketing:
  use of e-mail for business purposes is widespread
  e-mail marketing is much cheaper and faster compared to traditional mail
  advertisers can reach a large number of e-mail subscribers who have agreed to receive e-mail notifications about the topics that interest them
  e-mail marketing enables quick response to customer requests
  this type of marketing strengthens the position of the brand
  e-mail is an effective way to drive visitors to a website
  results of e-mail marketing campaigns are easy to measure
  e-mail can be customized to a user
  precise targeting of user population

We offer:
  • Customer base
  • Preparation of e-mail content (text and graphics)
  • Segmentation and optimization
  • Personalization of messages
  • Statistical analysis

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